In April of 2020, Brent and Michele Howard finished up the work at First Baptist Church of Niles, Ohio with Jimmy Stevenson. The project was an addition to the existing building and was considered phase two of the project. The builders completed phase one three years earlier, which was a remodel of the preexisting building (pictured below), that they completed before heading to Dryden Baptist Church. The addition was a carport along with an elevator and several classroom that were added onto what was previously the back of the building (Pictured on the right). After the completion of Niles, Ohio the builders headed to First Baptist Church of Elyria, Ohio.

First Baptist Church Niles, Ohio

First Baptist Church of Elyria, Ohio
Ministry Activity Center (MAC)

Construction continues here at First Baptist Church of Elyria.  The builders began their work here in May 2020 with a remodel of the First Baptist Christian School’s bathrooms. They then continued at First Baptist by removing the walls of their gym and rebuilding a more functional building called the Ministry Activity Center or MAC in its place. Working hard, the builders tore off each side of the old gym and replaced it with framed walls as well as put an addition on the side to make locker rooms and a concession stand. The builders are now putting a brick finish on the outside as they try to wrap up the outside for winter.