About Us

ChurchCare Inc. is committed to “ministering to churches in need.” This subsidiary of Baptist Church Planters has a very broad ministry reaching out to churches just being started as well as churches facing closure.

ChurchCare works with church planters, counseling them in area of setting up the church finances. ChurchCare Construction provides counsel and cost estimates for churches seeking to build or remodel facilities. In addition, ChurchCare Construction has missionary builders to build church facilities, which provides opportunity for men and women to use their talents as missionary builders and serve God full-time in the construction of churches.

ChurchCare also manages a Revolving Loan Fund used by Baptist Church Planters’ missionaries which provides short-term interim financing for church plant land and buildings. The revolving loan fund is funded primarily through the closure ministry.

The Closure ministry of ChurchCare ministers to churches in their time of greatest need. The fact that churches are closing affects all kinds of churches. As difficult as it may be to understand why a church may close, they are closing. There is a time and season for all things. ChurchCare is here to help churches through this difficult time. Closure does not have to be a time of defeat or finding someone to blame. God has a purpose for everything. As ChurchCare counselors lead the church through all the legal and financial issues, a good testimony can be maintained and the assets preserved for a lasting legacy of new churches being started. A portion of all assets from closed churches goes to the revolving loan fund.

ChurchCare is prepared to help!