Here to Help

ChurchCare Inc. is a subsidiary of Baptist Church Planters. ChurchCare is committed to “Ministering to Churches in Need.” Whether your church is experiencing “growing pains,” or struggling to survive, the counselors at ChurchCare can help.

ChurchCare has the expertise necessary to remove the burden of these issues from your shoulders and provide solid counseling during stressful times.

Whether your church is overwhelmed with a building project or the closure of your church seems imminent, ChurchCare is prepared to help.

Ready to Build?

ChurchCare Construction exists to help churches!

We offer your church the benefit of partnering with a team of experienced missionary builders and volunteer tradesmen who will walk you through the construction process. We can work with you to effectively reduce your building costs by as much as 50%. 

You will be assigned a lead builder who will be a liaison between your building committee and ChurchCare, ensuring a building that is completed on time and within budget. 

Is Your Church Struggling?

Churches facing the question of existence find every decision difficult. Seldom is a decision easy or even clear. Often blame becomes part of the family of accusations and many are looking for reasons why, rather than how God is directing them at this critical time.

When asked to help, ChurchCare will follow these guidelines:

– Counselors will thoroughly interview the church and leadership.
– Counselors will seek input from pastors of sister churches or fellowships in the area.
– Counselors will evaluate information and provide recommendations to the church.
– ChurchCare will assist in the completion of the plan of action as requested by the church.

This difficult time can be a blessing if viewed from a spiritual perspective rather than a time of defeat. The church can rejoice as they review how God blessed in the past and how He can use the assets in the future. ChurchCare will handle the legal technicalities and care for matters that are sensitive when a church body votes to close. ChurchCare helps churches through difficult times of closure and provides a means to preserve assets for future church planting ministry.

Old Church Building

Don’t be Squirrelly!

Do not be squirrelly! Recently I have been reading the many parables that Jesus told his disciples. We are told that Jesus taught more about finances than any other topic. Wherever Jesus went, He observed people concerned about building wealth. The people Jesus met were acting like squirrels storing up nuts for the winter. The… Continue Reading Don’t be Squirrelly!

Jimmy and Abby Stevenson

Jimmy Stevenson grew up in Pennsylvania on a farm with his parents and three sisters. He graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College. Jimmy Stevenson felt God call him into the ministry, as he served alongside missionary builders, while on a mission’s trip. He joined ChurchCare Construction in March of 2019 after completing a year-long internship… Continue Reading Jimmy and Abby Stevenson

Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal  

Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal   Merriam Webster defines assessment as “the act of making a judgment about something.” What that “something” is determines the information needed to “make a judgment.” Several years ago Baptist Church Planters and ChurchCare decided that we needed to do some assessment. The administration spent two days answering questions such… Continue Reading Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal  

Dedication of First Baptist Church of Memphis, NY

  Today a thankful congregation is enjoying a new building in Memphis, New York. ChurchCare Construction, a subsidiary of Baptist Church Planters, partnered wit h First Baptist Church to build a brand new 24,000 sq. foot worship center, educational wing and gymnasium. The church held their open house and dedication services the weekend of November… Continue Reading Dedication of First Baptist Church of Memphis, NY

A Building Committee With Integrity

A Building Committee With Integrity The anticipation is high as the building committee gathers around the table for their first meeting. Discussions ensue regarding vision, future goals, building requirements, floor plans, giving history, numerical growth and even color schemes.  Each of these areas can become a pitfall as personal preferences and enthusiasm collide.  The excitement… Continue Reading A Building Committee With Integrity