Here to Help

ChurchCare Inc. is a subsidiary of Baptist Church Planters. ChurchCare is committed to “Ministering to Churches in Need.” Whether your church is experiencing “growing pains,” or struggling to survive, the counselors at ChurchCare can help.

ChurchCare has the expertise necessary to remove the burden of these issues from your shoulders and provide solid counseling during stressful times.

Whether your church is overwhelmed with a building project or the closure of your church seems imminent, ChurchCare is prepared to help.

Ready to Build?

ChurchCare Construction exists to help churches!

We offer your church the benefit of partnering with a team of experienced missionary builders and volunteer tradesmen who will walk you through the construction process. We can work with you to effectively reduce your building costs by as much as 50%. 

You will be assigned a lead builder who will be a liaison between your building committee and ChurchCare, ensuring a building that is completed on time and within budget. 

Is Your Church Struggling?

Churches facing the question of existence find every decision difficult. Seldom is a decision easy or even clear. Often blame becomes part of the family of accusations and many are looking for reasons why, rather than how God is directing them at this critical time.

When asked to help, ChurchCare will follow these guidelines:

– Counselors will thoroughly interview the church and leadership.
– Counselors will seek input from pastors of sister churches or fellowships in the area.
– Counselors will evaluate information and provide recommendations to the church.
– ChurchCare will assist in the completion of the plan of action as requested by the church.

This difficult time can be a blessing if viewed from a spiritual perspective rather than a time of defeat. The church can rejoice as they review how God blessed in the past and how He can use the assets in the future. ChurchCare will handle the legal technicalities and care for matters that are sensitive when a church body votes to close. ChurchCare helps churches through difficult times of closure and provides a means to preserve assets for future church planting ministry.

Old Church Building

David Joseph Whipple – We Will Honor His Legacy

October 22, 1950 – September 1, 2021

Baptist Church Planters has a wonderful heritage of godly men and women who have served and given sacrificially for the mission of this agency – assisting churches and their missionaries to do their Great Commission work. The legacy left by these men and women is revered by those of us serving now, and we are striving to honor their individual legacies. Our tremendous heritage increased with the Homegoing of BCP’s Executive Vice President, David Whipple, whose legacy is one of faithful stewardship and service to the Lord. One of our missionaries that David served said it best: “David was a real inspiration with a big heart for service. He understood the heartbeat of the Mission and will be greatly missed.”

As the chief financial officer for BCP, David often wrote about the importance of intentionally considering the legacy that one is leaving behind at death. In a recent Connect publication he wrote, “My legacy, that which I will hand down to my children and grandchildren, will become their heritage.  Often a legacy is passed down to the next generation in the form of habits, convictions, preferences, biases, attitudes, appetites, hobbies, values, and the list could go on. The message that I send after I die is extremely important. I want to teach my children and grandchildren what is important. Will my legacy remind those who remain that the Lord and His work is primary?  Will the principles and priorities that I have lived all of my life be carried” on in their lives?

David was the first layman to serve on the Council of Baptist Church Planters. Elected in 2002, he served as chairman on both the finance and the building committees. In 2004 ChurchCare was started, and David began serving as the Executive Director. David managed the construction of the new addition to the Mission, and in November of 2007, David and Diana were honored with the Aquila and Priscilla Award, the highest honor presented by Baptist Church Planters to men and women committed to church planting efforts in the US. Also in 2007, David closed his construction business in New York and accepted the position of Business Manager and Treasurer of Baptist Church Planters. In 2009, President Dave Little appointed him Administrative Vice President and Treasurer. David served joyfully in both of these role right up to his Homegoing in early September. The Lord decided that David’s service for Him on earth was done. Now we have our memories of serving with David and our appreciation of the legacy he left behind for us.

David’s article continues, “Solomon’s conclusion in Ecclesiastes 12 was, ‘Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth.’  The next several verses describe the effects of growing old. Age has an impact on our physical and mental abilities. Solomon said to take action now, when we can think clearly, to secure a godly legacy. Solomon reminds us that ‘God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.’”  May God help each of us who know David’s Savior to live as David did, following his godly legacy of faithful stewardship and service, so that as David did, we will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” when we finish our work for the Lord.

David’s memorial service is available by following this link: First Baptist Elyria Memorial David Whipple.  If you would like to give in memory of David, feel free to follow this link: Memorial Gift.

Jimmy and Abby Stevenson

Jimmy Stevenson grew up in Pennsylvania on a farm with his parents and three sisters. He graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College. Jimmy Stevenson felt God call him into the ministry, as he served alongside missionary builders, while on a mission’s trip. He joined ChurchCare Construction in March of 2019 after completing a year-long internship with ChurchCare Construction. Abby Jones Stevenson grew up in Kanas with her family and served in many various ministries at church and summer camp. She also taught at a school for a while. She attended Faith Baptist Bible College as well. Jimmy and Abby met at college and were acquaintances for many years before showing interest in each other. They started dating in 2019 and were married in May of 2020. Like many missionary builders, the Stevenson’s live full-time in a 5th wheel RV. They recently had added a new baby boy, Paul, into their family in July 2021. The Stevenson’s serve as missionary builders with Brent and Michele Howard and currently travel to different churches to raise more partners in ministry. The construction ministry allows the Stevenson’s to use their talents to help churches with their building needs as well as get involved in the “life” of the church, which is serving people.

For more information about the Stevenson’s, visit their Facebook page: Stevenson with ChurchCare Construction or feel free to contact them at jstevenson@churchcare.org. Please pray for the Stevenson’s to raise more partners in ministry, for safety on the construction site, and for raising Paul to love the Lord. 

Brent and Michele Howard

Brent and Michele Howard are missionaries with ChurchCare Construction a subsidiary of Baptist Church Planters. Both Brent and Michele grew up in Christian homes. They accepted Christ as their Savior at young ages and faithfully served him throughout their teenage years and into adulthood. Brent and Michele were married in 1995 and had two children, Ryanne and Riley, who traveled with them for 11 years and were homeschooled. They are now​ both graduated and living at home in Grafton. They were both serving in their local church when they began to feel God’s call to the building ministry. After helping with a couple small projects at church and camps in the area, they joined Baptist Missionary Builders in January 2007. Baptist Missionary Builders later merged with Baptist Church Planters and started ChurchCare Construction in January 2011. Brent and Michele live in a fifth wheel trailer full time. They travel to Baptist Churches in the United States and help manage their building projects. The Howards sending church is First Baptist Church of Lagrange, Ohio, where they attended for the first 30+ years of their lives. Brent has managed over 20 projects and helped many churches and missionaries with smaller projects. 

For information about where the Howards are at now visit their Facebook page, Howards with ChurchCare Construction or their website, www.brentandmichelehoward.vpweb.com. Please pray for the Howard’s as they complete several smaller projects in the next couple of months.