Building Project

How will a builder help you?

We offer your church the benefit of partnering with a team of experienced missionary builders and volunteer tradesmen who will walk you through the construction process. We can work with you to effectively reduce your building costs by as much as 50%.

You will be assigned a lead builder who will be a liaison between your building committee and ChurchCare, ensuring a building that is completed on time and within budget.

Lead Builders provide you with:

  • Experience in all areas of church construction
  • Understanding of designs and drawings
  • Cost estimates
  • Project management for materials, subcontractors, and invoice payments
  • Compliance with local and national codes and standards as well as required inspections
  • Coordination of volunteers and work days
  • Regular reports to the church

Your church will be responsible to provide:

  • Finances—All finances needed for construction materials and permits and an administration fee to offset operating expenses for ChurchCare.
  • Approved Architectural Drawings— ChurchCare is available to assist with needs assessment, feasibility questions and preliminary designs.
  • Volunteer Help and Assistance – You may need to provide volunteers from your own church and provide assistance for volunteers from other church groups.
  • Supplemental Support—While each missionary builder is supported independently by churches, your church may be responsible to supplement the financial support of the builder while he is on your project.
  • Housing Assistance—Some builders live in trailers on or near the job site and will require hook-up to water and electricity. Others may need housing provided by your church.

How do you get started?

  • Contact ChurchCare via phone or website to set up a consultation with the director.
  • Establish a building committee, and begin the assessment of your project scope, budget, and start date.
  • Begin praying for God to be glorified as we work together to further His work.
  • If you would like to complete the application online, follow these directions.
    1.  Please fill out the Construction Application.  This form will require you to read documents from ChurchCare and Baptist Church Planters, and it will require you to upload a copy of the church’s Constitution / Articles of Faith.
    2. After the documents are reviewed and approved to move forward, a $750 application fee must be submitted to ChurchCare.
  • If you prefer to print, fill out and mail it in, please follow the directions below.
    1. Please read Form A – Church Obligations and Responsibilities.
    2. Please fill out Form B, the Application. (Download the Application)
    3. Please read our ChurchCare Account and Selection List.