Financial Services

ChurchCare recognizes that there are established Baptist churches that have a strong staff, leadership team, and experience. These established churches are capable and desire to manage the affairs of their own missionaries. These same churches often recognize the value of having an established, experienced, and credible ministry provide financial services. ChurchCare has the desire and the capability to provide financial services to the sending/mother church and the missionary.

ChurchCare is a 501C-3 Not-for-profit Corporation located in Grafton, Ohio. ChurchCare will provide receipts for all donations. All tax deductible donations will be processed and receipted in accord with the applicable IRS Codes and limitations.

The agreement to provide financial services must be initiated by the sending/accountability church. The sending/accountability church and the missionary must agree to abide by the Doctrinal Statement, By-Laws, and policies of ChurchCare.  The application and the Financial Service Agreement must be signed by all parties before it becomes effective.

If you would like more information or would like to request an application, please contact us at