Disaster Relief

The ChurchCare mission statement states that ChurchCare exists to minister to churches specifically in the area of facilities, finances, and ministry potential. In 2017 ChurchCare was requested by two sister agencies to provide onsite evaluation of the devastation which occurred in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Church Care also coordinated the volunteer teams from several churches to accomplish needed repairs to churches and homes.

Local missionaries and pastors can be overwhelmed by the additional need to react and respond to a disaster. ChurchCare has the organizational structure and the resource network to provide the coordination and counsel needed by these missionaries and pastors. Baptist Church Planters also established a Disaster Relief Fund and thousands of dollars were distributed to local churches for disaster relief. This fund will be managed by ChurchCare in a similar manner as the Revolving Loan Fund.

The opportunities to minister to people in need provided many opportunities to minister the gospel to the community. God’s people will experience disasters. God’s people are generous and loving and will respond to help their fellow believers in need. The needy and the volunteers will have opportunity to give the gospel to the lost. Donors will become part of the team that give the gospel message and demonstrate love. There is a need and there is an opportunity that can be met by ChurchCare.

For more information or to request assistance, please contact us at info@churchcare.org.