Disaster Policies

Qualifying Event

  1. Evaluate the request for help based on location and circumstance. Each event will have different degrees of impact and different needed response.
  2. There must be a local church or mission church that has requested help at the site of the disaster. The local church or mission church must verify the need and be capable of managing the disbursement of relief funds through church bank accounts. ChurchCare may manage the distribution of relief funds when requested by the local church and with ChurchCare Board approval.
  3. ChurchCare is not prepared to be a “First Emergency Responder”. The initial needs of health, shelter and safety should be met locally by local church families and government agencies.


  1. Through the ChurchCare/Baptist Church Planters network, or other ministry partners, a qualified evaluator will be sent to assess the event and provide a report of the needs and a plan of response. The assessment will include the availability of necessary materials for repair, the urgency of response, the restrictions to the site, and any travel restrictions etc.
  2. ChurchCare administration will coordinate and filter the volunteer response. ChurchCare will provide a buffer between Pastors and Missionaries, and the desire of churches and individuals to help. This will allow the Pastors and Missionaries to minister to personal needs of their congregations. Scheduling of volunteer groups and screening of needed skills will be provided.
  3. Services that can and should be provided locally or by state and national agencies will not be duplicated by ChurchCare.
  4. ChurchCare will endeavor to provide a “quick” response to the request and evaluate the event. ChurchCare then will communicate the information to the mission network and other agencies interested in providing funds or volunteers. The information about quantity of volunteers, scheduling teams and the skill sets required will be filtered to the interested churches and groups.

For more information, please contact us by emailing info@churchcare.org or call the office.  We will be glad to assist you as we are able.