Brent and Michele began in the ministry of building churches – building lives in 2007 under Baptist Missionary Builders. They received much informal guidance from the leadership at BCP as they were getting started as missionaries and were thrilled when in 2010 BMB merged with BCP to form ChurchCare Construction. During their 11+ years of serving in this ministry, they had been privileged to work alongside their coworkers, Ron and Sandy Cornell. Other missionaries have come and gone during that time, but the Cornells have ministered with us right along. Together they have contributed to 30+ projects in various forms ranging from complete new buildings up to 20,000 sq. ft. down to replacing malfunctioning doors. The Howards enjoy the variety of types of construction they experience on each job as they progress through all the stages of construction on a church from foundations and framing to mechanicals, drywall, finish paint and trim. Their support team consists of 14 gospel centered churches in NY, OH, IA, WV, and PA and 17 faithfully serving individuals from those same states.

The building ministry is a unique opportunity to get hands on into a project serving alongside of individuals within the church to which you are ministering. Often conversations are started that would not have developed during the normal times of fellowship around the Word within the church. The casual atmosphere of serving together gives the ability to discuss how things are going in an individual’s spiritual life. There is also opportunity to be a testimony to people from the community that come on the job site to give quotes, deliver supplies, provide inspections, and other such items.

On a personal note, the Howard’s children were in 1st and 2nd grades when they began traveling in their 5th wheel trailer full time. Now, 11 years later, Ryanne has graduated Howard Home school and is attending Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA where she is studying for a 2 year degree in office administration, and Riley is a senior in high school, planning to pursue a career in the construction field as the Lord directs upon his graduation. This has also caused a change in the Howard’s life as they have lost one set of helping hands and anticipate losing Riley’s helping hands in the Spring of 2019.

A more recent aspect of the building ministry has been the development of the short term ministries program which allows those considering a career in missionary building the opportunity to spend a designated time working as part of the on site team. In 2017, the Howards had the opportunity to mentor 2 young men through this program, and currently, Jimmy Stevenson, is participating in a 10-12 month short term program with the goal of continuing with ChurchCare Construction as the Lord directs upon completion.