• Receive and receipt all donations from individuals and organizations. ChurchCare will honor designations made for a specific missionary when the Financial Service Agreement has been completed.
  • Provide a tax deductible receipt for donations when applicable.
  • Each missionary will be assigned a project number. Various sub-accounts will be established as requested, when necessary to manage a missionary account.
  • An Accountable Reimbursement Plan document will be completed and maintained. All missionaries will be eligible for professional reimbursement for approved business expenses. (See plan document.)
  • The sending/accountability church will establish and approve a monthly support requirement amount.
  • Housing allowance will be agreed upon by the missionary and the sending/accountability church. The ChurchCare Board will approve the amount and record amount on tax documents.
  • ChurchCare will distribute to the missionary approved monthly support and housing allowance through direct deposit on or about the 30th of each month.
  • ChurchCare will file annual tax documents as required by the SSI and the IRS. The annual report for each missionary will identify the amount of wages paid, housing allowance, and applicable withholding tax.
  • ChurchCare will provide a monthly report to the sending/accountability church and the missionary documenting all donations and expenses made from all missionary accounts.
  • If the Financial Service Agreement is terminated, all missionary funds remaining with ChurchCare will be distributed in accord with existing ChurchCare policy and in accord with IRS regulations. All disbursements during a termination must be approved by the sending/accountability church.
  • All agreements between ChurchCare and sending/accountability church and missionary are subject to review and approval on an annual basis.
  • The missionary and the sending/accountability church have the sole responsibility to provide financial information to the donor. Updated information from ChurchCare will be available to the missionary and the sending/accountability church upon request.
  • The sending/accountability church and missionary must request in writing permission for ChurchCare to provide financial information to the donor directly.
  • ChurchCare is not a mission agency and does not approve missionaries for service. ChurchCare recognizes the authority of the local church to ordain and/or commission missionaries for service. Each missionary must be ordained or commissioned by their sending/accountability church.
  • ChurchCare will provide a logo and mailing instructions to be used on any prayer cards, or publications, identifying ChurchCare as providing financial services.
  • All parties to any agreement must sign and agree annually to abide by the Doctrinal Statement of ChurchCare.
  • The sending/accountability church must approve special projects that the missionary desires to raise funds for.
  • Each month ChurchCare will deduct from all missionary income a monthly service fee to help offset the expense of ChurchCare operations. The service fee is computed by multiplying 7% times the previous month’s income, with a maximum of $400 per month.
  • Upon retirement from missionary service ChurchCare may continue management of the missionary income. Revised support requirements will be established and approved by the sending/accountability church. All legal benefits with regard to expense reimbursement and housing allowances and retirement income may be provided.
  • Financial Services may be provided to an approved church requesting financial services for short term mission projects. The service fee to the church will be negotiated at the time of application. Donor services to receipt the gifts as a tax deductible gift will be provided. The one time disbursement to the church of the total funds received or disbursement to specific vendors will determine the fee amount. Online giving may be provided with an additional fee.